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About TAIPEI 101 Located in the finest district Taipei has to offer, TAIPEI 101 is the largest engineering project ever in the history of the Taiwan construction business. Supported by a dozen or so domestic businesses, the TFC Corp. was fortunate to have local and international experts in charge of the planning, and world-class architect C.Y. Lee was responsible for the design of the project. The design transcends the uni-body concept and is based on the Chinese number 8, a numeral long considered lucky in Chinese culture. Eight-floor structural units are connected one by one on top of each other to form the whole. This kind of rhythmic aesthetic is new to skyscrapers. The sectional TAIPEI 101 employs a Mega Structure System for disaster and wind damage prevention. As every eight floor constitutes an autonomous space, wind effects on the surface seen in high - rise buildings are eliminated. The design of the foundation guarantees pedestrian safety and comfort. Resembling the flexible yet persistent bamboo that rises into the sky, the building is a reflection of traditional Chinese building philosophy. Inclining 7 degrees inwards, the structure increases in size as it gets higher. The transparent and non-reflective curtain walls are energy efficient and heat reflective, enabling those in Taiwan’s tallest building to have a clear view of the world around them. High - tech materials and innovative illumination creates a see - through effect with transparency and clarity that facilitates the harmony between the building and its natural environment.(more...)

Visa Apply

  • Taiwan has extended its eVisa scheme as of June 1 to include business people from Iran and the six South Asian nations of Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka.

  • The new measure facilitates business travel to Taiwan and eliminates the need for such businesspeople to apply for an ROC visa in person at an ROC overseas mission, thus enhancing commercial ties between Taiwan and the aforementioned countries.

  • To be eligible for an eVisa, businesspeople from these countries must be recommended by a local office of the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) and approved by the Bureau of Consular Affairs. They are then given an eCode to apply online for an eVisa through a designated website (https://visawebapp.boca.gov.tw/BOCA_MRVWeb/)


Taipei International Convention Center (TICC)

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