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About Us

Information Service Industry Association of R.O.C. (CISA)

Information Service Industry Association of R.O.C., known as CISA, is Taiwan’s sole representative body of information service industries. Founded in 1983, CISA is one of the most time-honored hi-tech associations in Taiwan. Its 850 corporate members comprise domestic, international companies and R&D institutes in software development, distribution, information and network service businesses. With a full-fledged Secretariat, CISA keep around 60 full-time staffs to serve its members, promote IT, and work with the government.

CISA is the founding member of the Asian-Oceanian Computing Industry Organization(ASOCIO), and is a member on the Steering Committee of World Information Technology & Service Alliance(WITSA). Both organizations represent the Asia Oceania and the world information industries.




Our Mission

  • Appeal to the government for favorable policies
  • Promote information technology applications
  • Expand the information service markets
  • Facilitate international cooperation
  • Improve competitiveness of the industrial and commercial sectors
  • Form member consensus and line up common interests

Organizational Chart


Introduction of Chairman


  • To facilitate digital governance development for governments
  • To promote digital transformation for industries
  • To expand market and services for members

Current Positions:

  • CEO to TATUNG Co. Group
  • Chairman to Tatung System Technologies Inc., (TSTI)
  • Chairman to Chyun Huei Commercial Technologies Inc
  • BOD of Institute for Information Industry, IIl Academics
  • DBA of NCCU, Institute of Technology, Innovation & Intellectual Property Management (TIIPM)CHAIRMAN

CISA chairman Brian Shen took up the appointment of chairman and Chief Strategy Officer to TaTung System Technologies Inc., (TSTI), chairman to its subsidiary TaTung System Technologies Inc., (TSTI) Shanghai office and Chyun Huei Commercial Technologies Inc since the year of 2016. He is responsible for strategy planning and execution follow-up in order to develop business. With the guidance of Brian, the annual revenue comes to TSTI Group 134 Million USD in the year of 2019 while the number of clients reaches 2000+ in the regions of finance, manufacture, telecommunication, medical and retails.

Brian as CISA director had been promoting the communication of policies and regulations between public sectors and CISA since the year of 2014. He was also positioned as chairperson for task forces of “Digital Transformation” and “Governmental and Industrial Policies and Environments” as well as development association of “Big Data Applications” while being in charge of the work related to AI Big Data, Smart Applications and Industries Digital Transformation.

Board Members 

Position Name Title Company
Chairman Brian Shen Chairman Tatung System Technologies Inc.
Executive Director James Chang Chairman Ai3 Co.
Executive Director Roger Cheng Vice President/General Director of Service Systems Technology Center Industrial Technology Research Institute
Executive Director Benson Chung Chairman Gjun Information Co., Ltd.
Executive Director David Hsu President M-Power Information Co.,Ltd.
Executive Director Vincent Shih Assistant General Counsel, Microsoft GM, Corporate, External, and Legal Affairs, Microsoft Taiwan Microsoft Taiwan Corporation
Executive Director Ren-Dar, Yang Executive Vice President Institute for Information Industry
Director Simon Chen General Manger Galaxy Software Services
Director Simon Huang Director WiXtar Corporation
Director Ken Yu CEO imedtac Co., Ltd.
Director David Chen Chairman BankPro E-Service Technology Co., Ltd.
Director Hilo Chen Chairman OneAD Inc.
Director Serina Ou General Manager i-Torch Technology Corp.
Director Anthony Jen Vice President Syscom Computer Engineering Co.
Director Tang Hui Kang Vice President LEO Systems, Inc.
Director Michael Hsia President WiAdvance Technology Corporation
Director Chris Chen Vice President MITAC Information Technology Corp.
Director Shun-Jyi Chuang General Manger Infor-Doctor Computer Inc.
Director Peter Lin CEO EAI Technologies Inc.
Director Peter Wu CEO ASUS Cloud Corporation
Director Sandy Chou President Acer e-Enabling Service Business Inc
Director Benson Wu Founder CyCraft Technology Corporation
Director Ivan Liao CEO Openfind Information Technology, Inc.
Managing Supervisor Robert Huang Chairman SUN NET Technology Corporation Limited
Supervisor Jeff Kao General Manager SecureAge Technology Co., Ltd.
Supervisor Meiji Hong General Manager Knowledge & Service Information Corp.
Supervisor Leader Liu General Manager Ching Hang Information Co., Ltd.
Supervisor Adwin Wu Vice Chairman Ares International Corporation
Supervisor Roger Sung Vice President Ares International Corporation
Supervisor Michael Lin Chairman Palsys Digital Technology Corp.
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